"I care about our community, and I am committed to making it a place where people can thrive. I promise reasonable thinking and collaboration. The people of District 62 deserve to be confident in knowing that their representative in Columbus is an advocate who shares their values and goals, not a politician who serves the needs of her wallet and special interests.  "

The state of our economy is top priority for most Ohioans. It is time for representation that works aggressively to seek opportunities for economic development to come to – and stay in – District 62. I am committed to working together to develop strategies for economic success. These strategies include fair tax policy, increases to Ohio’s minimum wage, improving technology access in rural areas and help for local government.


I will fight every day as your representative to protect the needs of the working and middle class, and to ensure that every family can keep its piece of the American Dream.  


The Ohio Statehouse is considered the most corrupt in the country.  As your representative, I will always be transparent and never be beholden to special interests. 


Holding those in power responsible is a central thread of my work in the private sector. For example, on behalf of Ohio workers, I sued to hold Governor Dewine accountable for unconstitutionally ending Federal Pandemic Unemployment Benefits.  In another case, I sued the Ohio Department of Public Safety for illegally taking $1.50 from every Ohioan for laminating driver’s licenses when it was no longer being done.  


Doing the right thing matters, and now more than ever we need to restore integrity and accountability to the Ohio Statehouse.  


District 62 must be a place where people feel safe, valued and proud to work and raise their families. Every person in District 62, Ohio, and the United States is entitled to access to healthcare, and to their own bodily autonomy. I will fight each and every piece of legislation that attacks that fundamental right and support efforts to reinstate the guarantees of Roe v. Wade in Ohio. 


I believe people need to be able to afford their medical prescriptions, and not have to choose between paying for medications or putting food on the table. I support common-sense gun safety measures and responsible gun ownership. I will fight every day as your representative to ensure more funding comes from Columbus to ensure the health, safety and welfare for every person in District 62.


The way public education funding works in Ohio has long been confusing and complicated. The bottom line is that the state legislature has prioritized special interests over sufficiently funding our local public schools. We need to reinvest in our public schools in order to ensure that our children have every advantage as they grow into adulthood.